Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

After being rescued by a loving family, this adorable cat has become best friends with the family’s five pet raccoons. 

Evgenia Petrova owns a racoon nursery in Perm, Russia, where she takes care of five raccoons. 

However, Evgenia wasn’t going to stop there and when she saw a cat, named Lukas, at the animal shelter, she knew she had to rescue him too.

Initially, Lukas was a bit unsure of his new raccoon family and they likewise weren’t sure how to treat their new feline brother.

Over time, the animals got used to one another and they now have a very loving friendship.

Evgenia said: “At first, the cat was wary. He did not quite understand what kind of animal raccoons were.

“The raccoons also looked at the cat for a while. They did not understand how to behave with him.

“At the very beginning, not everything was peaceful. Raccoons are flock animals and they do not like strangers, but now they’re best friends.

“During this friendship, the cat even adopted some habits from the raccoons.

“He loves to climb on people just as much as raccoons, and sit on their shoulders and fall asleep with the raccoons.”