Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

While her son was in hospital recently, this mother quite literally took matters into her own hands as she refilled her mini sanitizer bottle with the one provided in hospital.

Curtis Allen, 22, has recently been admitted into hospital with a collapsed lung, and while visiting her son, Annette, 54, found a genius way to stock up on sanitizer.

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has caused panic globally, resulting in shortages of sanitizers and hand soap.

Annette was determined to refill her bottle and she wasn’t perturbed by how long it would take.

After pumping the hospital’s sanitizer 40 times, Annette’s mission was a success and she could sanitize happily.

Curtis said: “I’m in the hospital with a collapsed lung and the Coronavirus was starting to explode.

“She’s never done this before but it’s tough to come across hand sanitizer right now.

“It took about 40 swipes to fill.”