By Randal Coombs and Jessica Testa

A curious one-year-old boy has created a hilarious memory for his family by getting his head stuck in the railing of some stairs, not just once, but twice.

His mum Toria Wallace, 25, said they were at her brother’s house when one-year-old Tristan got his head stuck between two balusters and began to panic.

Luckily, it was easy for Toria’s brother to free him by pushing his head back as the rest of the family laughed at the adorable moment.

Although he was swiftly moved away from the stairs, Tristan had other plans.

After walking back over, he put his head through the same balusters and became stuck once again, creating a precious memory that his family will never let him forget.

Toria said: “My son is very curious and has never been around stairs so he just put his head through the rails.”

“That was the first time it happened, he did try to get out on his own but my mom ended up helping him.”