By Federico Cornetto

People filmed the water in Venice’s canals clearing up and fish becoming visible as activities in the city were put on hold during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Real estate agent and life-long Venetian Marco Capovilla, 40, filmed several schools of tiny fish swimming under the clear water surface in the canals which were previously clouded by debris.

Marco said he ‘had never seen’ such clear water in the popular destination city, and added that it was a ‘striking’ view.

Marco said: “During these days, traffic in Venice has become almost absent.

“The city doesn’t have sewers, so normally everything goes into the canals, including detergents and cosmetics.

“Thanks to the quarantine, we are experiencing a cleaner environment.”

Another local resident, bank worker Martina Bettoni, 33, said: “Seeing so many fish in the canals was extremely rare before the quarantine.

“I hope we’ll learn from this tragic time, and that when this is over Venice will be able to strike a balance between tourist crowds and cleanliness.”