Video Viral

By Cally Brooks


A mum has released an adorable video of her one-year-old daughter pushing their dog around a local supermarket in a buggy.

Lauren La Rocca, 33, shared the heart-warming video to showcase the lovable relationship between her daughter, Lion, and their nine-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Gigi.

The mum, who lives in Colorado with her husband, Marcello, 32, filmed the video whilst they were food shopping in Whole Foods last July.

The video shows Lion wandering along the fridge aisle, stopping to take a look inside whilst pushing the dog in her buggy.

Lauren, a full time mum, said: “It was a really hot day and we decided to do some shopping and we didn’t want to leave Gigi in the car so we decided to put her in Lion’s doll pram that she takes everywhere with her.

“Lion loved it and it was the most adorable thing – I just had to film and share it.

“People thought it was so cute and they couldn’t believe the amazing relationship Lion and Gigi had.

“They have always had a close relationship ever since Lion was born – Gigi would always watch over her when she was a baby.

“Gigi is like a daughter to my husband and I, we love her so much and she’s offered me so much support over the years.

“I first got her when I was living in a tiny apartment in New York, I needed a tiny dog for a tiny apartment!”

Lion and Gigi became best friends as soon as Lion was born and since then they have gone on many other adventures, with Lion always wanting to be the one to hold Gigi’s lead.

Lauren said: “Gigi has acted as my therapy dog for the past nine years as I suffer from anxiety and she offers her emotional support during times of need.

“Lion loves to walk Gigi and she loves taking her doll’s pram everywhere with her – she’s a very loving and caring little girl”.