Life Video

By Taniya Dutta


A man with a huge tumour ravaging his face is desperate to find love.

Muhammad Hussain Wani, 47, suffers from a condition called neurofibromatosis – a genetic condition that causes benign tumours to grow along the nerves.

And despite Muhammad initially only having one tumour on the left side of his face, he is now covered in tumours which have spread across his entire face and neck.

Muhammad’s parents spent £2000 on treatment in a bid to slow down his tumour but nothing has worked.

But despite this and being compared to a ‘Bull dog’ for his facial deformity by strangers online, Muhammad says he’s looking for love and has learnt to embrace his unique look.

He said: “The lump on my face was only small during my childhood but over the years it has grown into the size it is today.

“It has never bothered me as I have grown with it but sometimes people make me feel conscious when they look at me while travelling on a bus or walking.

“I yearn to find someone and get married. My family and I tried to find a suitable woman who would agree to marry me but my condition proved an issue.

“I feel lonely and want to have my own family. Both my sisters are married.”

Muhammad says that he has even struggled to make friends due to his condition and was trolled for looking like a ‘bulldog’ when he joined Facebook.

Muhammad said: “I decided to delete my Facebook picture after someone said ‘you look like a Bull dog.’

“I didn’t say anything to him but I was hugely hurt. I realised that I appear frightening and ugly but I fully accept who I am now and I hope I’ll find someone who will fall in love with me too.”