Animals Video

By Jack Mobley


An underwater photographer managed to capture the moment a large cuttlefish lashed out at him, after mistaking his camera for prey.

The video, filmed last year by Lawrence Scheele, 23, off Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia, shows the cuttlefish “disguising itself as a sea kelp” before ‘attacking’ the diver at lightning speed.

“I noticed the kelp was moving in a way I’ve never seen before, so I started filming as I quickly realised it was in fact a Giant Cuttlefish following me,” said Lawrence.

“I held my position to see how the cuttlefish would respond.”

The Cuttlefish … held its arms in a hunting display, so I anticipated his strike,” he continued.

Lawrence’s biggest fear was that he’d lose his camera to aggressive cuttlefish but all was okay in the end.

“I dodged its strike at the last second,” he explained, with the ‘dodge’ clearly visible in the video.

“Due to my research and spending hours in the water photographing and filming these guys, I had a good idea on how they behave in certain situations so I was able to plan how to not get my camera taken… unlike my encounters with octopus”.