Animals Video

By Lucy Harvey


A rabbit has become best mates with seals – after visiting them several times for the past year at a local sanctuary.

The adorable two-year-old rabbit, Ted, has been visiting the Cornish Seal Sanctuary since last March, with owner Emma-Louise Gallagher stating that his unusual bond with the sea life has made him a firm favourite with staff.

Emma, 40 from Cornwall: said: “I think the seals are fascinated by all the visitors and they adore their team of personalised fish feeders but I do think Ted creates the most attention and interaction.

“Ted is a very handsome bow tie wearing giant french lop with a huge personality – he’s cheeky with a twist of sass and a topping of pure love.

“Ted now helps spread the importance of not disturbing the seals.

“The cove nearby has had a lot of exposure of late especially in the recent pup season where the seals have been disturbed on many occasions, meaning some were requiring rest & rehabilitation at the seal sanctuary.

“Education is key, if visitors to the cove do not know that they are disturbing the seals then we need to get them to act in a caring and considerate manor.

“This is so we can all enjoy them now and in the future.”