Animals Video

By Aliki Kraterou


Heart-warming footage shows the rescue of a terrified wolf who injured herself by getting stuck in a gate.

The rescue took place last month in Kastana, near Thessaloniki, Greece, by members of Arcturos, a non- profit organisation.

The female wolf, named Elisavet (Elizabeth), is estimated to be eight years old and her rescuers believe she was hunted by dogs and as she tried to jump the gate she got stuck for at least six hours.

Luckily, although she was quite seriously injured and had lost a lot of blood, her vital organs were unharmed and the vet was able to treat her injury straight away.

She was then taken to the Arcturos Vet in Florina, where she had her wound stitched and she is now recovering.

Panos Stefanou, a spokesperson of Arcturos, said: “It doesn’t look like she has any problem now, she is eating and walking normally- she is just a bit frightened.

“We are waiting for her to get better and we will rehabilitate her next month.”