Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


Xavier Mortimer, 38, has made quite a name for himself in Las Vegas.

Not only does he headline his own magic show at Bally’s Casino, he also takes his mind-blowing tricks to the streets, entertaining members of the public on the jam-packed strip.

In this magical video, he can be seen turning sticky tape into ties, coffee into money and ‘magicking’ cookies out of thin air.

He also turns a straw into an origami heart and a balloon into a bottle of white wine.

Each and every trick gets pretty much the same reaction from the person watching his performance – “wow”.

“All tricks I do take a lot of practice, and when the audience is involved I need to have it right on the first take,” explained Xavier.

“The process of creating these videos is very exciting.

“I always try to insert a little scenario, more than just simple magic tricks.”

“I want people to relate to the magic I do, I want to make magic cool again,” he continued.