Animals Video

By Lucy Harvey

A sequence of photos shows the heart-stopping moment a mother hippo saves her baby from being crushed by a massive elephant.

Whilst on a safari at Erindi Game Reserve, Namibia, photographer Quintus Strauss stumbled across a newborn hippo playing with its mother and stopped to take a photo.

However, within minutes Quintus, heard an angry elephant approaching the young hippo in the water.

Once he started snapping the sequence, the photographer, from Hoedspruit, Mopani, witness the mother hippo coming to the rescue and starting to fight with the giant mammal.

Thankfully, the mother was able to protect her young and successfully fought the elephant off – leaving it in pain on its upper trunk.

Quintus said: “On the first day, in the early morning, we went on a game drive and returned to the lodge for breakfast.

“The restaurant overlooks the dam and there were hippo with a new born baby.

“After breakfast I went to my room which was also overlooking the dam and downloaded my photos from the morning.

“I then heard an elephant trumpeting and water splashing so went on my balcony and saw the elephant chasing the mother hippo.

“I went back, grabbed my camera and came outside again and saw the elephant was walking to the baby and splashed it – then bent down to have a closer look at it.

“The hippo mother came back and then got into a fight with the elephant – she protected her baby and the elephant got hurt on its upper trunk.

“I think the hippos teeth got him.

“Everything went calm afterwards and the mother and baby went their own way.”