Offbeat Video

By Joseph McFarlane

Lying 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina, this rickety structure has been dubbed ‘the most dangerous hotel in the world.’

Mitch Summers visited the old lighthouse known as ‘The Frying Pan Tower’ around seven months ago, and produced an awesome video to document his trip.

The risks of staying include ‘storms’ and ‘sharks’ but the dangers are more than countered by the activities on offer.

“If you can go, it’s a once in a lifetime thing,” explained Mitch.

“Activities are in the video – golf, swim, unicycle, slack-line, jet ski, sheet shooting etc.”

Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible for most people to stay at the hotel.

Mitch said: “It’s no longer a hotel, you have to volunteer to help restore or buy shares in it to get out there.

“If you volunteer, you get to stay out there and play as well, so it’s rare and hard to spend the night there”.