Life Video

By Federico Cornetto

An adorable toddler basketball sensation was filmed hitting the net from his high chair and crib, and even while lying on his back.  

Myles McLeod, two, from Las Vegas, Nevada, is a very young basketball enthusiast who spends most of his days refining his skills by throwing balls into hoops and nets that are set all around his house.

In an adorable series of video filmed by dad Mike McLeod, 35, Myles is seen successfully netting the ball from his high chair and crib, as well as completing some impressive trick-shots.  

Myles can make the ball bounce off the wall and into the net, as well as landing a shot while lying on his back.

Mike said: “For Myles’ first birthday we got him his basketball hoop and his love for basketball started then. 

“He dreams about playing basketball 24/7 and it’s all he does.

“He doesn’t really think about the NBA at the moment, but it is definitely something we think about.”