Animals Video

By Jessica Testa and Joseph McFarlane

An after-hours plumber pulled off a heroic rescue of a small puppy stuck in a drain pipe.

Owner of The Brisbane Plumbers Joseph Egan, 33, said he initially thought the call he received at 11pm on Saturday March 7 was a prank until he heard how panicked the owner was.

The puppy, named Troopie, had fallen down the bathroom floor drain and was trapped inside after the floor drain cover had popped off.

After locating where exactly Troopie was, Joseph cut the section of the drain out and tried to reach the spot where he was wedged in the pipe.

When that didn’t work, he softly shook the pipe in a downward action and Troopie quickly popped out.

Overall, it took over an hour to free poor little Troopie.

Joseph said he could hear the puppy calling out throughout the whole process.

He said: “It was reassuring that we could hear it because we knew it was still alive.”

Luckily, Troopie was uninjured, though a little distressed after his ordeal, and went back into the arms of his relieved owner.

“I went and saw it a few days afterwards and it is healthy and doing well”.