Animals Video

By Jessica Testa and Federico Cornetto

This hungry shark wasted no time as he spotted an octopus hanging around the ocean floor, waiting to be his next meal.

Owner of Nico Dives Cool Bali Nicolas Resimont, 38, captured the heart-stopping moment at Manta Point in Bali on February 2020.

Nicolas said the black and brown banded Bamboo shark bit the head of the large common octopus and swallowed the body whole.

The shark then swam around in search of the rest of his prey.

Nicolas said: “We can see the ink coming out from the gills of the shark after his meal.”

Being an experienced diver, Nicolas was not scared, and luckily the shark left without attacking any of the other divers who were also watching.

“I was not moving to make sure that the shark didn’t think that my moving hand could be the rest of the octopus that he was looking for.”

“I was aware that I was watching something exceptional and then I wanted to make sure that I was not missing anything on the video.”