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By Hollie Bone

An adventurous cat loves nothing more than going on walks across the dales with his gang of canine pals – leaving onlookers stunned.

Maine Coon-Tabby cross, Arlo, is just nine months old but has been trekking around the countryside in his hometown of Halifax, West Yorks, on a lead since he was a kitten.

Owners Crissy Lister, 29, and Marc Shaw, 31, first discovered the moggy’s love of the outdoors when they took him to Scafell Pike in August last year with pooches Lexi, a two year old Lurcher and Callie, a three year old Cavalier.

Since then, the fearless feline has joined his doggy pals on hikes through some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery – and racked up thousands of followers on Instagram for his exploits.

But despite his growing social media fame, veterinary nurse Crissy said her fellow dog walkers are often left staring in disbelief when they see the intrepid tabby roaming through Britain’s green and pleasant lands.

Crissy said: “Arlo usually comes out three times a week for a good hour or two.

“People are usually shocked when they see him and they make a big fuss of him or ask us questions.

“It’s funny because you’ll start walking away and see them looking back staring at him on the lead.

“At first I was a bit embarrassed having a cat with me on dog walks, but when I saw much he enjoyed it, it spurred me onto keep taking him.

“He didn’t enjoy being on a short lead, so we got him a long one so he could roam free while keeping him safe.

“When he’s had enough he just climbs up onto our shoulders.

“Usually if I see another dog walker coming I just pick him up, but he’s not fazed by other dogs because he’s so used to living with ours.

“He’s not really scared of much, he chases things through the bushes just like the dogs would.”

Since his first successful outing in the Lake District, Arlo has joined Crissy and gardener, Marc, on trips all over the Yorkshire Dales and even to Shell Island in Gwynedd, Wales.

But the surprised owners originally bought the moggy as an indoor pet to join their other outdoor cats, Pedro, nine, Bo, nine, and Tigger, four.

Arlo had an undeniable sense of adventure and soon learned that to be able to get through their electronic catflap, he needed to immediately follow one of the others, who have special collars allowing them to get out.

Crissy said: “We actually got Arlo as an indoor cat but he’s a clever cat and he managed to escape twice because he realised that to get out of our catflap he would need to directly follow one of the other cats.

“We ended up taking him camping with us in the Lake District a month after we got him because I didn’t want to leave him behind.

“Marc suggested we take him for a walk with us and carried him while we took the dogs.

“But while we were up there it was obvious that he wanted to walk, he was so determined to roam around.

“I was really surprised – I’d heard people coming into the vets at work saying they took their cat out on a harness and I thought it was a bit weird, but now I recommend it to other cat owners all the time.

“He’s got a real sense of adventure, whenever we’re out and about he’s climbing the trees or chasing flies through the bushes, he loves being out and seeing the world.”

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