Offbeat Video

By Jessica Testa and Randal Coombs


Shocking footage has emerged showing thousands of angry fans left stranded outside the Grand Prix for hours before being told it was cancelled due to CORONAVIRUS FEARS.

Disappointed fan Lyndon Gasking, 45, had arrived at Albert Park Grand Prix Track Gate 1 in Melbourne, Australia, just before 9am today [March 13].

The entrepreneur claims that the confused waiting crowd were never given an official cancellation notice, leaving many fans confused about what was going on.

Lyndon, who was at the event with his daughter and nephew, said he then left at 10am after seeing news of the cancellation on social media.

The ‘concerned’ dad added that there were people ‘coughing and sniffling’ in the crowd which he stated added to the ‘tenseness’ of the situation and fears of the coronavirus.

He said: “They didn’t announce while we were there, we left at 10 am upon seeing tweets mentioning it was cancelled.

“It seems crazy that socials were most reliable.

“This is the crowd that had no idea of whether they would get in or not and many more were coming in from packed trams at the adjacent tram stop.

“I felt tense and concerned, plus there were a few people sniffling and coughing which added to the air of concern.

“I’m very disappointed for everyone involved as so many people impacted by this.

“As I understand refunds will be issued, however, this doesn’t reference all the other costs fans have footed to be here.”