Nature Video

By Jack Mobley


A student took some time out during his trip to Taiwan to visit a strange, golden waterfall.

The stunning video was captured in Ruifang District, New Taipei, by second-year student Michael Ko, 19.

The amazing aerial footage, filmed on Michael’s drone, shows the waterfall and subsequent river carving its way through the beautiful, green landscape, with the high mineral water and mining pollution turning the rock around it an orange-gold colour.

“I was driving on the way to film a vlog somewhere nearby, and I saw the abandoned temple though the car window,” said Michael.

“I was so shocked by the magnificent presence, so I decided to stop the car and have a look and I used my drone to have a better look at the place.

“Throughout the shooting process, I accidentally discovered the Golden-looking waterfalls behind the temple, and the waterfall actually flows into the ocean and creates the half golden, half bluish-green seawater.”

“I was so amazed by this phenomenon, so I changed my plan and decided to drive up to see the Golden waterfall in person,” he continued.

“I went to the place and actually went down to see and experience the waterfall in person.

“I felt like the occurrence looks unreal; it is “too good to be real,” and I felt like I am in Jurassic Park.

“The surface of the waterfall has the color from yellow, orange, green, to dark brown that looks like its made of alien’s skins.”

Unfortunately, it’s not a good idea to take a dip in the water.

“The water is extremely toxic,” confirmed Michael.

“Although, as a person who has sensitive skin and allergies, I did not get any severe skin irritation.

“However, the skin of my body (especially my toes) turned orange for a few weeks.”

“There is some potentially long-term damage to my body, which I strongly discourage anyone from contacting the water,” he continued.