Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane


A tradesman recorded himself causing rainfall to appear ‘out of thin air’ in a satisfying and calming video.

Norse God of thunder Thor will have to watch his back from now on, as even on a bright, sunny day in Macclesfield, Australia, netting tradesman Jack Ware, 25, has the power to create rainfall out of thin air.

Recording himself on the job, Jack tapped the expansive anti-hail netting, and a moment later, a vast downfall of water fell from the netting and drenched the entire forest in an incredibly satisfying video.

Jack said: “It felt pretty cool and it was very interesting to watch.

“The nets protect against hail, sunburn, wind, pests, rain and decreases evaporation rates, meaning a larger crop for the farmer.

“Normally these structures are 3-10ha but we’re about to start building one that is 45ha in size.”