Animals Video

By Aliki Kraterou


A student says her pet HAMSTER is helping her graduate from university.

Megan, 20, a chemistry student at the University of Lincolnshire, says her crippling anxiety meant she struggled to make it in to lectures.

But since she started taking pet hamster Frankie in with her for emotional support, she’s felt more able to attend uni lectures and her concentration has improved.

Now, her furry friend is a regular sight at Chemistry lectures, and the class plan on holding a party for little Frankie at the end of term.

Megan said: “I have a very short attention span so I could easily start a million jobs and not finish them, having Frankie around means that I can get distracted for maybe five minutes with him and he will go back to sleep and I’ll continue what I was doing.

“I also can’t just wander off and leave him unattended, so it keeps me at my desk for longer periods.

“He is going to help me graduate, he is amazing.”

It all started as an accident when the little hamster sneaked into its Megan’s bag by mistake and she went to class without realising it- since then he has become a regular.

She added: “I didn’t mean to bring him into Uni, he just crawled into my bag without my knowledge – I got to Uni, sat down and just got my stuff out to take notes and he was just in there.

“Since then he comes to classes with me – he sometimes sits in my pocket but if he’s not feeling it I leave him at home.

“He just sits in my pocket and he is asleep all the time.

“All my classmates love him, the society even want to give him a birthday party next month, he is turning one. “

Megan adopted Frankie in September, after visiting her local Pets at home – even though she wasn’t planning to, Frankie’s story made her fall in love with him.

She added: “He was up for adoption because he was bitten by one of his cage mates- I thought it was terrible.

“I didn’t intend to pick him up , I just went to have a look and he stood up to me so here he is . “