Life Video

By Jack Mobley

Student, Elsiddig Yousif Elsiddig, has been forced to sit lectures at home, after the UAE Ministry of Education announced a suspension of on-campus classes due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

This was his first online class, with the professor giving a lecture on Calculus, and it was all going smoothly with the chat functionality allowing students to communicate with the teacher.

The only problem was, Elsiddig Yousif wasn’t sure whether to ask the professor if toilet breaks are allowed as normal or not.

In the end, he typed the question, prompting an amusing response from the teacher.

“The professor’s reaction shocked me as I expected him to ignore the the question, but the opposite happened and he started laughing,” he explained.

“I couldn’t hold my laughter so I started laughing with him, and after he laughed, he said ‘of course you can go to the bathroom'”.