Animals Offbeat Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A woman turned into an accidental shepherdess on the way to work – after stumbling across a loose flock of sheep on her housing estate.

Toni Underhill, 22, from Paignton, Devon, was heading to her job as a guest services supervisor in the early morning when she stumbled across the BAA-zarre sight  and sprung into action.

Despite only ever having herded one solitary sheep previously, at Devon County show, Toni was able to secure the sheep and lamb into a neighbour’s front garden – till the farmer who owned them, could collect them.

Toni said, “I went out to my car ready to go to work when I saw a sheep and two lambs walking behind the back of the houses.

“I went down and followed them to find another five sheep all with lambs too, stood around the backs of the houses.

“It was the strangest thing.

“There were families watching from the garden which scared the sheep but they all huddled together and I was able to get them through an alley between the houses where they went straight into someone else’s garden.

“I stood blocking the gate and phoned the RSPCA where they said to phone the police, who thought the whole situation was hilarious.

“Thankfully an gentleman came over who knew the owners of the sheep so we were able to get in contact with the farmer who came to help.

“He didn’t recognise the sheep as being his but thankfully he still took them.

“Together, we blocked off the alleys and eventually, the real Shepard and his sheep dog rounded them out of the garden, back down the alley and into their truck where they went back to the farm to be checked over.”

Toni – despite no formal livestock training, managed to get the sheep to her neighbour’s garden after one wandered in – and the rest she could herd to follow.

She claims the call handler at the police non-emergency number found the whole situation hilarious – and was in hysterics as she relayed her strange predicament.