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By Federico Cornetto


An adorable cat is conquering hearts thanks to a jaw deformity which means her tongue is always sticking out of her mouth.

Pretty Kitty, five, from Arlington, Virginia, is a goofy feline who is becoming well-known on the Internet thanks to her unusual looks.

Because of a deformity in her jaw, Pretty Kitty can only open her mouth a ‘small amount’, and has her tongue always sticking out.

According to owner Clare Meyer, 26, the adorable cat’s exposed tongue became more apparent as she grew up.

Clare said: “Every vet we have brought her to says there is no need to try and fix her jaw because she lives a very healthy life.

“She can only open her mouth a small amount, and she is able to eat wet food, but has a hard time with dry food.

“She is the world’s messiest eater due to her jaw deformity, she gets food all over the wall and floor surrounding her bowl.”

According to Clare, Pretty Kitty is a super-affectionate cat who likes to play around and cuddle with her owners.

Clare said: “She loves to lay on our chest for morning coffee and evening TV.

“She is also very playful, seems to be most playful at 3AM when mum and dad are trying to sleep.

“She cannot stop licking, I don’t think she can go more than five minutes without grooming herself.

“I actually don’t know what I would do without her, her tongue never ever gets old to use, and she makes us laugh everyday.”