Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A two-year-old has proven himself naturally gifted when it comes ice hockey as the toddler skates rings around his adult opponents.

Growing up in chilly Oslo, Norway, Mio Halvorsen, 2, has ample opportunity to divulge his passion, as the talented toddler loves nothing more than hitting the ice and playing some hockey.

Beginning his love affair with the game in November 2019, over the past few months, Mio has become obsessed with the game to the point he regularly attends weekly training at his local hockey halls in Jordal and Vålerenga, and even tucks up in bed at night with his gloves and stick.

Mio’s supportive mother, Kim Halvorsen, 39, said: “Mio got the interested in hockey early with just a club and puck.

“The interest was so great that he wanted his own skates, so we bought skates for him and since then he has skated many times a week. He watches hockey on YouTube from morning to night.”

“I have promised to devote all of my time to Mio if he wants to exercise. As soon as he asks to go ice skating, we go for it.

“Mio has an amazing talent where he coordinates the club, puck and skates. Mio is so fond of hockey that he will often sleep with his club, gloves and puck.”