Nature Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Orie


A photographer wondered what would happen if squirrels weren’t able to crack their nuts and decided to give them a little help- a hammer, a cleaver, or a knife.

Geert Weggen, 51, snapped the images last month in Bispgården, Sweden, posing the five red squirrels that live in the nearby forest and visit his garden daily.

He said:  “I created scenes with the props and placed food around or on it.

“The red squirrels visit my garden daily and know that I hide food around objects.

“They are used to find my props and they are used to me capturing these photos so most of the time they are calm.

“I only can take these photos with bribes- where to place the food is the main key, they won’t come without food.

“I use some nut spread that works as a glue for small pieces of nuts that I stick to the tiny props and I hang some small buckets above the props with seeds.

“Most of the time during photographing I visualise  where or what I hope the squirrels to be or do and prepare my camera according to it.

“When they do something I hoped for,  I approach them with an extra reward.”