Nature Video

By Dilantha Dissanayake


Falcon appears to be impersonating the ‘hulk’ in these impressive pictures.

Photogrpher Srinivas, 32, captured these pictures whilst visiting Osmansagar Lake, in Hyderabad, India.

The falcon looks straight on at the camera as it showcases its ‘hench’ posture after finishing its dinner.

The photographer, who also works as a chef and lecturer, regularly visits the area and has recorded an impressive 283 species roaming the lake.

He said: “I have been observing peregrine falcons for this past month.

“On a daily basis, we saw it hunting Parakeets and pigeons which is what you can see in these pictures.

“My favourite picture is the one where the falcon looks like ‘Hulk’. This pose that I managed to capture looks like the posture of ‘Hulk’.

“It was a fantastic sighting and it will be very memorable”.