Life Video

By Randal Coombs and Jessica Testa


The general public’s coronavirus-driven panic buying doesn’t seem to be stopping, as shown by this insane queue at a Costco in Burbank, Los Angeles yesterday [March 9].

Jeffrey Schaefer, 45, was stuck in the line for ten minutes after arriving at the store bright and early to buy his groceries.

He captured sight of the line-up at 9:45AM, which continued down the side of the building, through the parking lot and back up the sidewalk.

He said: “The line was basically twice as long as the right side of the building.

When he finally got into the store, water was the only thing that was sold out, but an employee told him that toilet paper wouldn’t last another hour.

“Inside was mostly unscathed, except the back of the store where the water, toilet paper and paper towels are,” he said.

“All the water shelves were completely empty, and nearly everyone in the store had carts filled with at least two giant packages of toilet paper and two giant packages of paper towels”.