Animals Video

By Hannah Phillips


The owner of a 7ft tall Great Dane says the mutt is constantly mistaken for a horse – but still tries to sit on her knee despite weighing more than 15 stone.

Jenny Saccoccia, 35, and her home developer husband, Chris, 37 share a four bedroomed house in King City, Ontario, Canada, with pooch Thunder – despite Jenny being just 5ft 1ins tall.

When the couple take the eight-year-old Great Dane for a walk, passing drivers pull over to take a photo of the enormous hound, convinced that he’s a horse.

But surprisingly, the gentle giant isn’t the leader of their pack – as their smaller dogs, Pomeranian Chichi, Malamute Tulu and Yorkshire Terrier Peanut, actually rule the roost.

Jenny said: “People stop to take photos and can’t believe that he’s a dog.

“They think I’m walking a horse.

“Even the vet is always talking about Thunder because they can’t believe how big he is.

“But actually he’s scared of smaller dogs. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.

“If you yell at him, he’ll sit in the corner and turn his back to the wall.

“We baby him because he’s so good and so gentle.

“He tries to sit on my knee because he doesn’t realise how big he is and he’s knocked me over so many times but he does it by accident – he’s just playing.

“His tail is at the same height as a man’s groin so they have to be careful playing with him too.”

Thunder comes from a long line of colossal canines, with his dad being a champion show dog and as Jenny and Chris had always dreamt of owning a giant great dane, they waited for him to have puppies.

The couple adopted Thunder just after he was born and hoped he’d grow to be as big as his dad.

But despite Thunder’s huge size, the mutt has more than enough room as the couple’s four bed home sits on five and a half acres of land.

Jenny said: “Thunder’s free to do what he wants and we have a pond he can bathe in during the summer.

“He fits in the house because he has his own area. He is 100 per cent our child.

“He’s such an amazing dog. He towers over me and his head is taller than the counter.

“He’s so well behaved, we can leave food out and he won’t touch it.

“He just hangs out with us, he pokes his head in the fridge but doesn’t touch anything.

“My friend has a two pound Chihuahua and she loves Thunder.

“She jumps on his ankles and he’s great with kids. All of our nieces, nephews and cousins love him too.”