Life Video

By James Somper and Pete Goddard


Motorists in a quiet market town say they’re living on a real highway to hell – that could be Britain’s most heavily potholed road.

Residents in Shifnal, Shropshire, say the 20 metre stretch of road on the town’s High Street is so riddled with potholes that cars frequently have to swerve into the opposite lane just to avoid them.

On just a 20 metre stretch, at least 56 potholes were visible with motorists saying they’ve spent hundreds of pounds on repairs to their vehicles.

Jamie Middler-Price, 40, lives close to the High Street and said he had to spend £300 on two new tyres after they were damaged by the town’s treacherous potholes.

He said: “I spent £300 on new tyres both of which went within two weeks of each other.

“We’re a local family business so it’s not something I can afford to be doing too often really.

“I work locally most of the time so I’m always on these roads.”

He added that the High Street was a possible death trap for cyclists.

Jamie said: “They’re lethal, especially if you’re on a bike.

“People have to swerve around them in order to avoid them if you don’t want to damage your car.

“You have to be cautious obviously but you really shouldn’t have to swerve in the first place.

“There are so many, there’s a strip of about twenty metres which is horrendous.

“If a truck goes over it, it sounds like an earthquake.

“They’re very deep. The pothole that I went over when I did a tyre in was about 125mm deep.

“Shifnal is an amazing town and a wonderful place to live but the roads just aren’t up to scratch.”

Meyrick Pope, 48, lives in the town and said that the High Street is worse than a cobbled street.

He said: “I drive on the road everyday and the stretch on High Street is absolutely horrendous.

“We’ve been lucky and haven’t had any damage but loafs of my friends have had damage in relation to wheels, tyres and springs.

“Driving on the High Street is like driving on a cobbled street except that a cobbled street is probably better built.”

Bernard Polak said: “I drive for a living and I’ve driven all over this country.

“I would say that the High Street is horrendous, the road isn’t fit for purpose.

“When you think about the road tax we pay it’s absolutely crazy that the road is this bad.

“I’ve just had a service and I’ve been told that one of my wheels has buckled and I’ll need a new one.

“That’ll cost £300 for a complete new wheel.”

Graham Downes, Shropshire Council’s highways maintenance manager for the area, said: “Following routine safety inspections and receipt of customer enquiries, Shropshire Council are aware of a number of defects in the area.

“As a result, Shropshire Council are working closely with our term maintenance contractors Kier to programme and repair these defects.”