Life Video

By Jessica Testa  



See the hilarious yet heartstopping moment this new dad falls backwards off a swing with his baby boy in his hands. 


Stay-at-home Mum Hilary Pagorek, 29, describes the range of emotions she felt as she watched the scene unfold at a park near their home in Indiana on February 23. 


She said: “I tried not to laugh at him, but was concerned for my son.”


Hilary was recording while her partner Emilio Rodriguez sat on the swing with baby Milo and swung forward once to make him laugh. 


As Emilio readjusted his position, getting ready to swing again, he flipped backwards with his pants getting caught on the way down. 


Hilary immediately ran over to check on them. 


Luckily both Emilio and Milo were fine, though the latter was a little stunned by the fall. 


“I knew everything was okay and could die laughing after the fact.”