Animals Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This ravenous reptile tried to consume its owner’s finger and just wouldn’t let go.

Pet shop associate, Erin Reed, was trying to feed Greg, the dumpy tree frog, but the little critter chomped her little finger after mistaking it for a worm.

At home in Colombus, Ohio, Erin was left with a frog trying to envelope her entire finger inside of itself on February 24.

Despite Erin’s best efforts to deter Greg, he continued to eat even more of her finger.

As her finger was in Greg’s stomach, extra help was called on to remove Greg off Erin, taking the necessary caution not harm him.

Erin said: “He bit my finger thinking it was a worm, he is not a smart frog.

“I had to ask my mother for assistance, we had to slowly and carefully slide him off my finger.

“My finger was in his stomach so we had to be very careful not to hurt or kill him via removing my finger.

“It took about twenty minutes and he was observed after that to make sure he was okay and did not need to be vetted.

“I was very confused and concerned, though, I did find it hilarious as that has never happened to me before.”