Offbeat Video

By Ellie Duncombe


This sculptor worked tirelessly to come up to an original form of art and it turned out the answer lay very close home.

For five years, Alexey Doubrovskey, 43, from Minsk, Belarus, has been making artworks out of hex nuts, a skill he learned from his mother’s partner – a blacksmith.

He uses thousands of nuts to create iconic faces like those of Albert Einstein and John Lennon, with plans in place to craft Charlie Chaplin and Karl Lagerfeld in the near future.

“Nowadays, it is difficult to come up with something new especially in art, and this is probably the dream of any creative person,” explained Alexey.

“Once, when I was buying a piece of honey with honeycombs, it occurred to me to try to make something from hex nuts, for example, my face, and the result was really cool.

“The most difficult thing is to find an inspiring idea of what or who to do because, without interest and inspiration, it’s very difficult to weld 3000 nuts together,” he continued.

As each bust consists of more than 3,000 nuts, it usually takes Alexey around two weeks to weld the masterpieces together, but he regularly revisits his works.

“If I don’t sell it immediately, then I can add something, remake something many times, so it can last for years,” he said.