Life Video

By Federico Cornetto, Joe McFarlane and Randal Coombs


This is the amazing moment a colour blind teenager was left speechless after being able to distinguish red from green for the first time.

In December 2019, 18-year-old student Ashton Furr, from Jacksonville, Florida, received an incredible gift from his friends Eli Shami, 18, Stone Herrmann, 18 and Nijel Williams, 20.

Eli, Stone and Nijel teamed up to get Ashton a pair of EnChroma glasses that could help him see colour like a person with regular vision would.

Ashton has a type of blindness called deuteranopia, which means he’s unable to distinguish red and yellow from green.

“That’s wild!” Ashton is heard saying in the video recorded by Eli, as he looks at his phone screen while wearing the special lenses.

Eli said: “The video will never do justice as to how much having these glasses impacted Ashton.

“This really puts things into perspective as to how easily we can take things for granted.

“I watched him freak out when he noticed simple things like the colour of his favorite shirt, his car, street lights, iMessages, the ground and even my skin colour.”

Eli’s video shows Ashton becoming speechless while looking at pine leaves, a fire and the Christmas lights that hung across the streets.

“That’s crazy, the freaking red light!” Ashton is heard saying while pointing at a traffic light.

Eli said: “He’s been blown away over the fact that he can now differentiate between grass and mulch, and he’s afraid that he has worn outfits that didn’t match.

“This list can go on forever.

“I encourage everyone to stop what they are doing and just examine how blessed they truly are.”