By Jess Grieveson-Smith


One mum was left paralysed with fear after mistaking her tot in his glow in the dark pyjamas for a DEMON.

Not realising she’d bought two-year-old Lennox glow in the dark pyjamas, Angela Kelsay, 36, from Edinburgh, USA was left terrified after seeing a set of terrifying glowing eyes and mouth stood in her bedroom doorway.

As the mysterious monster crept ever closer, Angela found herself ready to lash out at the unsuspecting ghost she was convinced was haunted her 120 year old home

Angela, also mum to Cash, 15 and Elli, 10 said: “In the middle of the night I heard our bedroom door creak open.

“I figured it was my two year old son Lennox but it was pitch-black so I couldn’t tell.

“I blinked away the sleep so I could help him up into our bed.

“But instead, in the doorway was a set of terrifying glowing eyes and mouth.

“It wasn’t a random light and it was hovering only a foot or so above the ground.

“I don’t do scary movies… I watched Paranormal Activity about five years ago and still have demon-related PTSD.”

In Angela’s now viral post – that quickly gathered over 85K shares and 62K likes – the mum-of-three described how the malevolent spirit seem to silent drift a few feet closer and how she instead began to turn to a higher power for help – still not realising that her son’s Ninja Turtle PJ’s were actually glow in the dark.

Angela added: “I was praying, calling upon the Lord to help me out – even though my relationship with the big guy isn’t really consistent.

“But I quickly realised I was on my own.

“I was ready to throat chop the thing as it came closer – it was time for some real life demon slaying.

“I’ve never been so utterly and completely petrified.

“Yet then, all of a sudden I heard a whisper – a little Mommy with a question mark.

“I’ve never felt such relief – it was just my Lennox.

“I shared the post thinking my friends would find it funny, but I never pictured how big it would get.

“I’d flipped on the bedside light to reveal a (apparently glow in dark!) Ninja Turtle shirt and it was at this moment I realised two things.

“My baby has a future as a ninja because he was absolutely soundless and I nearly throat chopped my two-year-old.

“I’m in shock with how many people found the story and found it as funny as they did!”



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