By Aliki Kraterou


A mum who was trying to come up with ways to spice up her daughter’s lunches started creating the most amazing portraits using pitta bread – which she turned into a history lesson.

Gilat Orkin, 50, a technical writer, from Tel Mond, Israel, has always been interested in art but it wasn’t until her youngest daughter Eylon, 12, refused to eat lunch at school, that she started doing food art.

The mum of Leehy, 18 and Eylon, 12 started becoming creative with the sandwiches she was making, to make them more appealing for her daughter- she even tried to turn them into a history lesson.

As she enjoyed making them, she started researching the events and anniversaries of every day, creating  countless portraits of celebrities, athletes, and cartoons, relevant to each day.

Gilat has become a successful food artist with more than 14,000 Instagram followers.

She said: “When Eylon started going to school, she wouldn’t eat her sandwiches so I decided I need to be more creative with her food.

“A couple of weeks later I thought I’d make it more interesting and turn it into a history lesson so every day I’d make her a sandwich based on an historical event or person.

“Each day I make something that happened that day , a historic event, the birthday of a person or the anniversary of something.

“A few years later, a friend of mine told me, people weren’t interested in photos of my children or my dogs and suggested to open a separate account of my food art.

“Eylon doesn’t eat them anymore but I kept doing them for fun.

“At the beginning I used to do plain surfaces with fondant but it’s not very tasty and healthy so I try to avoid it.

“I never thought this was going to happen, I’ve been making art all my life but my breakthrough was pita bread. “

Gilat likes to research about special events or famous people’s birthdays each day and create something relevant.

She uses all types of food to complete her projects such as pita bread, vegetables, biscuits – the only non-edible ingredient is the eyelashes and these days she is experimenting with other ingredients as well.

Each project can take from a few hours to days and she tries to do one portrait every day.

Gilat is an active member of the art community in Israel and participates in exhibitions around the country.