By Charlotte Orie


A photographer has captured a stunning sequence of images to show a Japanese castle changing throughout the seasons.

Daisuke Uematsu, 31, visited the Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Prefecture during each of the four seasons and took these striking pictures showcasing the beauty of the castle and its surroundings.

The snaps capture the crisp white snow, stunning cherry blossom, the fallen autumn leaves and the castle beaming during the night.

Daisuke, who is based in Japan, visited this castle several times throughout the year to catch the scenic shots throughout the seasons.

Daisuke said: “It is a symbol of my local area and a beautiful building in Japan.

“Matsumoto Castle is a national treasure – these buildings are found all over Japan, but each is loved locally.

“Japan is a small country, so it is important to follow the limited nature and rules.

“Many people say that the four seasons in Japan are beautiful when they see the pictures”.