Animals Video

By Mikey Jones


These hilarious snaps showcase the true ‘underdogs’ as these gorgeous pooches are captured from underneath.

Photographer Andrius Burba, 27, began the project ‘Underlook’ four years ago which specialises in photography from underneath.

Since then, he has gone on to snap a whole range of adorable pups including Buddy the Golden Retriever, Milo the Pomeranian and Peanut the French Bulldog.

Andrius, from Lithuania, has been a photographer for 13 years and quit his job in 2015 when he decided to focus on his new project ‘Underlook’ which saw him photographing a whole range of animals including cats and even mice.

These pics were taken during a trip to Cologne when the photographer offered people a free photo shoot for their pets.

Andrius said: “There was so many participants that in two weeks, we managed to photograph about 600 pets.

“It was a very interesting, funny and frustrating journey, but the results paid off.

“When I saw how cool and funny pets look from underneath, I was fascinated  and I decided to try to make some photos for myself.

“My plan is to offer people professional photography from underneath as a service – my goal is to inspire other people.

“My favourite photo I have taken is called ‘White Cloud’ – I bet you can understand why once you look at them. One of the first dogs I photographed was a Pomeranian dog. The dog was so fluffy, that from underneath you can see only 4 paws and fluffy fur around”.

Check out Andrius’ website to find out more about what he does.