Life Video

By Neo Bye and Joe McFarlane


A couple recorded the bizarre moment a delivery driver threw a package into a nearby tree, resulting in their prank video going viral.

We all know what it’s like to sit inside all day, waiting hours on end for a package to finally arrive.

But for Nicholas Murray and girlfriend Maddie, once their package finally arrived at their home in Stevenage, they needed a ladder to retrieve it, as the angry delivery driver shockingly threw the parcel into a nearby tree.

Capturing the bizarre moment in camera, Nicholas and Maddie’s hilarious video quickly went viral, though Nicholas admitted that the video was a prank to highlight how relatable the frustrations of waiting on a delivery can be.

Nicholas said: “We were amazed that the video went viral and reached 3.5 million views. It just shows it was very relatable as people were tagging their friends and commenting on their experiences with delivery drivers.”