Nature Video

By Jack Mobley


This fascinating clip sees an adventurous octopus climb out of a rock pool and crawl its way across land.

Lawrence Scheele captured the rare instance at Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia whilst the sea critter was trying to hunt.

The octopus caught the tide inland and sought refuge in a rock pool. When the tide went out, the octopus emerged from the pool in search for food.

Initially, the tentacled creature clambered out of the water and began its search for prey.

The octopus utilised the suckers to stroll along the shoreline from rock pool to rock pool.

Lawrence said: “The diving conditions were terrible that day due to the recent Australian bush fires and storms so I decided to walk along the tidal pools as it was a king low tide that day.

“Just as I was leaving, out of the corner of my eye a saw what I thought was a small brown dog walking along the rocks.

“However, when I looked properly it was in fact a large Octopus walking on dry land!

“I was ecstatic, at first the octopus seemed cautious of me but after a while he quite comfortable with me being there and went about his stroll in search of prey.”