Life Video

By Charlotte Nisbet


Two parents have pranked their three-year-old by pretending that Nutella is poo.

In hilarious clip filmed by mum-of-two Rubee Adams, 22, on Thursday [Feb 5] the video shows Frankie’s dad, Bobby Smith, 24, saying he needs toilet paper.

But once Frankie comes near him, Bobby smears Nutella on his arm while pretending it’s poo.

It’s not long before the tot is gagging – much to the amusement of his parents.

The 40 second clip has since gone viral.

Stay at home mum, Rubee, from Hull,  said: “I’ve never pranked Frankie before but as he’s always gagging at his little sister, Elsie, who is eight months old, when she has gone a poo, so I knew this would be the perfect prank.

“Frankie almost started crying when Bobby wiped the chocolate – which he thought was poo – on him and he quickly tried to rub it off using the sofa.

“Bobby put another bit of chocolate on his nose which added to his reaction.

“He is such a funny character.”

Luckily for Frankie the prank only last just under one minute before he was told the truth.

Rubee added: “When I told Frankie it was just chocolate he just laughed and walked off.

“I’ve seen a lot of other parents pranking their kids online and that’s where the idea came from.

“I have been shocked by the amount of people who have viewed the video as it’s now over one million which is crazy.

“We’ve both received dozens of messages from people who find it just as funny as us.”