Amazing Life Video

By Jessica Testa



Times are tough for Australian farmers, especially during the hot summer months, but this comparison shows how a little rain changes everything. 


Farm Manager David Motley, 45, felt a wave of relief after the rainfall that graced regional New South Wales during the first week of March.


David, who filmed a video showing a dust storm in the area on March 2, went back to the same spot to show the difference following the rain three days later. 


Despite other areas of Australia seeing some rain, David was tired of constantly missing out and losing sleep after spending the night monitoring the radar every time rain was predicted. 


He said they saw 80-90 mils of rain over those three days, which is the best rainfall since September 2016.  


This rainfall means that David and his family can stop carting water for their house and basic needs and cease the gruelling routine of feeding the sheep.


He said: “It means we can go away and relax properly for the first time since we started feeding.”


“The rain filled all our dams on the property so water is right for almost a year.”


“This event just shows just when you are losing hope things can turn around overnight, especially in agriculture in Australia.” 


“It’s a great life what we do, but this drought has changed the game in agriculture in my opinion.”