Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto


This is the hilarious moment a cat spooked himself out by turning on the organ sound while sitting on a keyboard.

On March 4, five-year-old cat Parker, from Atlanta, Georgia, tried to get his owner Paige Hamilton’s attention by sitting on the keyboard she was trying to play.

Parker accidentally switched on the eerie sound of the organ, and was filmed by Paige as he looked around himself trying to identify the source of the spooky noise.

Paige posted the video on social media, where it quickly went viral with over 700,000 views.

She wrote: “Sometimes the greatest enemy is yourself.”

Paige said: “Parker usually only jumps on the piano to chase lights on the wall, but that day he had jumped up a few times for attention.

“We always have a good laugh when he does goofy stuff and knew people would enjoy it.

“Parker cracks us up on a regular basis, so we’re glad we got a good moment to share.”