Video Viral

By Randal Coombs


This is the amazing moment a TikToker finally completed the impossible task of throwing a Red Bull can into a flask.

The videos, filmed in California, USA, over the course of five days, show Scott Haennelt, 20, and his friend DeAndre Zemora, 23, trying time-and-time-again to throw the can into the coffee flask, after seeing other TikTokers attempt the challenge.

Eventually, after thousands of tries, Scott does get it in, with DeAndre apparently achieving the same impossible feat around “seven minutes later”.

“In total, we spent about 16 hours trying to get the can into the bottle,” Scott explained.

“Based on the average amount of times per minute we threw the can and the time we spent, we’re guessing it took us about 10,000 tries.”

“I couldn’t even begin to describe how happy we were when it finally went in, for about 20 minutes we felt like we were dreaming for sure,” he continued.