Amazing Video

By Ellie Duncombe



This guy is taking parkour to new levels, performing a series of stunts that better resemble gymnastics than your average free-running showcase. 


Having tried hand-to-hand combat, Thai boxing and football, Islam Kunakkulov decided to pursue a different sport – free-running


The twenty-two-year-old, from Russia, is now a bit of a parkour sensation, performing a variety of tricks and posting videos of his stunts on Instagram. 


One of his most impressive feats involves a running start, followed by a triple backflip off a particularly high wall. 


“I can’t say much about my free-running activities,” said Islam. 


“It’s hard to say why I am doing it and what goals I wish to achieve.


“I  am just enjoying doing it – feeling freedom when I run and jump.”


“There is some kind of a flight feeling when you are in the air but at the same time totally controlling your body,” he continued.