Animals Video

By Dan Coles


WATCH: A sneaky snake almost slithered up the property ladder after trying to make a shoe its home.

Snake catcher Tony Morrison, 40, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, was called out to remove the Green Tree snake from a shoe on Tuesday [March 3] after the snake had wrapped itself tightly inside the shoe.

He believes the python, which was one metre [100cm] in length snuck up through the bottom of the car after devouring a meal and found comfort in the darkness and warmth underneath the hood.

Tony – who has been a snake catcher for 20 years – added that if left undisturbed, the snake might have stayed inside the shoe for days.

Tony, known as ‘The Redlands Snake Catcher’, said: “This one takes the old saying ‘check your shoes before you put them on’ to a whole new


“The lady spotted the snake inside the shoe in her house in their hallway, she was hysterical on the phone to me to hurry up and remove it.

“The snake was a Green Tree Snake which thankfully is not a venomous species, but they do pack a nasty bite.

“These snakes are a fairly common species and often find their way into houses.

“I guess in Australia not only do you need to check where you walk, but now you need to check what you walk in.”

Tony confirmed that the snake was healthy and later released it into nearby bushland.

Tony added: “Once I removed the snake from the shoe it was released into bushland shortly after.”