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By Randal Coombs


This hilarious cat has a ‘cranky’ look permanently etched onto his face and, for that reason, he is Internet famous.

In a series of videos, posted by his owner Hailey Ward, 27, Merlin the Ragdoll can be seen going about his business doing cat things… with one major difference.

His face is a little different to some other cats, with brilliant blue eyes and a rather unusual and apparently permanent expression.

“His face was very sweet as a kitten but as he grew up his face formed into the cantankerous face that it is today,” explained Hailey.

But the grumpy, blue-eyed look is really working for Merlin.

Hailey said: “Merlin attends a lot of events in Toronto and was even flown to LA for CatCon and he was recently an actor in his first TV commercial.

“Merlin was made for fame.

“He is incredible in new and or chaotic environments.”

“He struts his stuff at events that we go to and will sleep the day away as fans come by to admire him,” she continued.

“While on the busy set for his commercial, he sauntered around amongst all of the crew and even took time to groom himself while cameras were rolling.

“On his trip to LA, he loved being in the airport walking around and rubbing up against strangers – He’s a pretty cultured guy.”

Merlin’s personality doesn’t reflect his ‘cranky’ look either.

“Merlin is very chill and unbothered by most things (except for brushes, they are the devil),” said Hailey.

“He is super easy going and sweet but can also have a king of the castle attitude like most cats.

“He is super snuggly on his own terms and often sneaks into bed late at night to snug”.