Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This obsessed Australian shepherd had its eyes glued to the screen when the iconic pup picture 101 Dalmatians came on.

Charlotte McElroy watched on as Shadow gazed into the screen, watching the dogs run and jump at home in Llandudno.

Shadow sat, with ball in mouth, and watched as the characters in the film rallied to find the missing puppies.

The comedic timing was impeccable as on the on screen dogs say “it’s up to us dogs”, to which Shadow drops the ball and watches intensely.

Charlotte said: “He does react a lot to animals on TV or movies either real or animated especially dogs, cats and horses.

“I thought it was so funny watching him follow the dogs across the screen and it tickled me watching him chewing his ball while staring.

“It’s hilarious how he drops the ball at the end like he’s going to join the dogs on the hunt for the missing puppies.”