Animals Offbeat Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A woman has been left horrified after her carnival prize of a goldfish has grown into a 12 inch CANNIBAL ‘monster’ with a fiery temper.

Gerald the goldfish hasn’t stopped growing since Alexandria Miller, 28, won him in July 2018 and now measures longer than a 12 pack of eggs, equivalent to over 12 inches.

Smashing his way through two tanks so far and costing over 1K, as he likes to hit himself against the glass, Gerald has shown his poor owner,  no sign of slowing his growth.

The mainly ‘friendly’ fish now lives with one of Alexandria’s bigger exotic fish – to keep any smaller ones safe as bigger goldfish have been known to turn to eating their own.

Alexandria, from Chicago, said, “When I first got him, he was in a plastic bag and was just under two inches.

“He just looked like your regular goldfish and I thought they grew to their environment so I was expecting him to be like six inches long in the tank he was in.

“I just expected him to stop growing but within a month of me having him he was already getting bigger.

“He does lay around a lot but it seems when he’s bored or hungry, he jumps out of the water and likes to grabs the thermometer inside his tank.

“He’ll click it against the glass till he’s got our attention – he’s food motivated but can be calm until he’s hungry.

“Then he seems to get grumpy towards me- but if I put a tiny fish in there, he will eat it. ”

Alexandria has tried to estimate when Gerald will stop growing – but he’s shown no sign of stopping and she’s already looking for his next tank.

Usually goldfish are known to grow to their environment, but Gerald appears different to your average goldfish – and are far as his owner knows, is simply a regular comet goldfish

Alexandria added, “He’s so hard to measure – even when we were putting him in his new tank, my friend commented on how much bigger he looks in person.

“I can’t hold the tape measure next to him, and after moving him into the big tank he won’t even let me touch him.

“I’ve been luring him to the glass with food to try and get his size.

“We think he’s about two but we’ve got no way of knowing for sure – and some people think he’s stopped growing but I’m not convinced.”