Animals Video

By Chris Jaffray


She might have a moustache that makes her look like Einstein, but this moggy has left animal rescuers flummoxed after returning to the same sanctuary two years later – when she turned up 30 miles away.

Black and white cat Ellie was originally taken in as a stray by Tails Animal Rescue in Northwich, Cheshire, in May 2018 but reappeared out of nowhere almost two years later last month, on the far side of the Wirral.

Sanctuary staff can’t find any record of where the distinctive pussycat went in the meantime and so are looking to trace her owners – but nobody has come forward despite her unusual white moustache.

Ellie’s facial hair-like appearance has also earned her comparisons with Poirot, Walter White and Eric Pollard from Emmerdale.

Animal rescue manager John Ashworth, 67, from Northwich, said: “We first had Ellie 18 months ago so when last month she turned up 30 miles away, we were shocked.

“She had survived the recent bad weather and was in good condition – she’s like the Dick Whittington of cats, we have no idea how she got to the Wirral.

“One possibility is she got into a van, that is feasible because cats are notorious for being nosy.

“We have had her back here for three weeks now – one or two people have been in touch saying she looks like theirs, but she’s not.

“It is very strange that we can’t find her owners, as her moustache look is very unique because it’s not symmetrical.”

John believes Ellie’s family may have recently moved to the Wirral and she wasn’t familiar with her new environment.

If her original owners aren’t found in they will find the right home for her which is safe and not near a main road or railway or river.

Animal lover John, who looks after seven cats at the rescue and can take in up to 200 a year, added: “I think it will be easy to find her another home.

“She’s also been compared to Charlie Chaplin and Mr Pastry, she even looks a bit like Bugs Bunny with her ears back.”