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Two sets of triplets and twin brothers who all bonded when they joined the same primary school class together have confused their teachers on World Book Day – by dressing up as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The eight-strong clique stunned pals when they arrived at their school, Woodham Walter Primary in Danbury, Essex, singing Heigh Ho and decked out in the full costumes of the classic fairytale today [THURS].

Triplet brothers Kuzey, Koray and Ayaz Cerikci, all five, struck up a bond with five-year-old triplet sisters Isabella, Sophia-Lorenza and Celestina Smith and twin brothers Bobby and Freddie Cornett, four, last September when the youngsters all enrolled in the same reception class – despite there only being 103 children in the whole school.

Sue Dodd, headteacher at Woodham Walter Primary School, said: “We are in the unusual position of having two sets of triplets and a set of twins in a very small class.

“They are all delightful children, as are the rest of the cohort.

“Reading is a strength of our school and this term the children have taken part in World Book Day.

“The triplets and twins love books and relish any opportunity to dress up as their favourite characters.

“It was lovely seeing them beginning their reading journey with so much enthusiasm and excitement.”

The costumes saw Dophia-Lorenza pose as Dopey, Ayaz play Happy, Bobby play Sleepy, Isabella play Sneezy, Freddie play Bashful, Kuzey play Doc, Koray, his identical twin, play Grumpy and Celestina take on the role of Snow White.

The non-identical girls’ mum Kerry Smith, 38, said Celestina was thrilled to star as the princess because the character is her favourite – so much so that she has asked her parents if she can change her name.

Full-time mum-of-four Kerry said: “I particularly loved the fact that Celestina got to be Snow White because she has been asking if she can change her name to Snow White for about the last 18 months.

“The character suited her because she’s already very feminine and ladylike.

“All the characters were relevant to and matched the children’s personalities.

“Sophia-Lorenza was perfect as Dopey because she will just fall down, get up and nothing fazes her, just like the character.”

Full-time mum-of-six Claire Cerikci, 40, mum to the naturally-conceived boy triplets, first met Kerry when the pair were both pregnant.

The non-identical twins’ mum Terrie Smith, a mum-of-three, designed their dwarf name t-shirts as she has her own personalised printing business.

Claire said: “The kids all looked really cute in their costumes.

“Teachers couldn’t believe it when they all started in the same reception class last September, as there were only 14 children in the whole class because it’s a small village school.

“Normally when people see them all together they just say ‘wow’ – they tend to be quite shocked.”